It is nearing the end of January 2019, and there are things happening behind the scenes. I am involved with a few projects and am currently in negations with a gallery in South West London. A gallery who seem to have a vision and understanding of my work as well as an appreciation of me. Watch this space for more information to be posted. #madeinlondon #ascension


I have just had some beautiful screen prints completed by the talented Allister at Mason Press in Hackney Wick. These will be available soon via my website and Instagram. I am really happy with the final print run. The lad done good. Looks like I will will be knocking on wee mans door soon #MasonPress ( he is Scottish, hence the ‘wee’ man )

I have set myself a task of completing 12 books this year. A5 Moleskin art sketch books. These will be filled with ideas, drawing and sketches. I am nearing the completion of one albeit a few days until the end of January. Snow is coming soon which means log fire, crayons, and drawing and not leaving the house. The beauty of sketch books is that I can draw whilst at home and not having to go to the studio. I am lucky at my studio has central heating and is very, very warm. But when it snows, I become homebound.

Ideas for new drawings. Iron and Strongman.

Pages from Moleskin A5 sketch book.