I have been developing my painting over the last 12 months. Experimenting with painting on linen as opposed to board. I have become knowledgeable about preparation of the board or canvas for painting, and this has been an element of fun as it has bought a totally different dimension to how I paint. I learnt this from an experienced painter who is very knowledgable about Reinasciance painting techniques and sizing. My subject matter has not changed it has only become more streamlined and consistent. I have been leaning towards doing more figures and portraiture work; yet on reflection I was already doing this but subconsciously. I am forever developing my visual language and looking for ways that fit with how I want to communicate on paper and through painting. What has become clearer for me on the last 12 months has been that my work is underlined by a strong Folk Art aesthetic yet fuses contemporary art sensibility with graphic symbolism. The painters I am drawn to all have a strong graphic approach to there work. The recent wave of African Contemporary painters making there impact on the Art world has been very inspiring to see. Portraiture painting seems to be dominating the market and the artists coming out of Accra, Ghana, Africa have kicked open the door for black artists. For me it has just shone a light on a culture steeped in creativity and art, it feels extra poignant as since finding out I am 92% Ghananian it humbles me that my artistic gene goes back many generations. I have always struggled with explaining my natural affiliation with wood, and just wanting to make art and mark make. Creative expression is an integral part to who I am and it is something that has been within me for as long as I know. I am

I have started working on a new body of work drawings and paintings various mainly to scale. The beauty of working to scale is that it changes the narrative of the subject and the painting communicates a totally different story.

Bareknuckle, Round 27, Oil on board. Size: 90cm x 125cm. 2021