A new body of paintings

I am working on a new series paintings in oils. This new body of work are based  on drawings completed in March and early April during an explosive energetic period of creativity. The drawings are all (A3) and have been drawn in Chinese and German ink. The drawings are on one of my favourite papers Khadi cotton Rag, 240gms. Simply paper to draw on with a brush and ink. The paintings will be large approximately 140cm x 140cm.

The people I draw and paint are people who I have met, seen and have had an interaction with. I draw from memory but also draw on references from music I listen to. So it’s a mix up of subconscious and Folkism …. is that a word? The current music on my ear list has been West Coast G-Funk. Parliament. James Brown and sounds from the 70’s and early 1980’s. I am drawn to a face regardless of ethnic background or gender. The diversity of the African face, with it’s bone structure, skin tone, eyes and proportion is one that is an ongoing source of interest and natural beauty for me. Black beauty is a diverse beauty and it is celebrated in it’s diversity which is prevalent in it’s people. The large scale notion of the paintings will a new direction in me scaling up and focusing specifically on the portrait.

Karl Largefeld once quoted “there is beauty in strangeness”. Yes, there is beauty that does not fit standardised notions that come from a Western perspective. I have noticed strong African features in some caucascian people that only solidifies the fact that all life originated out of subsaharan Africa. Look and you will see …