A quote that resonates




People will notice the change in your attitude towards them, but wont notice there behaviours that made you change


A new year is upon and whilst the tradition is to make resolutions and reflect, this quote is one that I keep coming back to. The past year and the war on Covid in 2020 has been both revealing and soul searching. So many events in that year have impacted on my outlook and how I see things and how I see people. I have become increasingly disillusioned with behaviours of those who present a liberal perspective to the world, yet are ignorant to the point of being foolish.

In 2020 the term unconscious bias was constantly being used in the media and as point of conversation. Workshops we’re being delivered by employers who wanted to show that they were addressing the diversity issue head on. Yet, still, the behaviours from so many continued and the judgement of those who were not of a similar ilk continued. Personally this is so evident within the art world where in my naivety all those years ago I had this view that artists would be forthcoming, open minded and culturally aware. Was I so wrong. Bias based on class, ethnicity, art school attended, position, sales, I could on are so prevalent and this is not just in the upper echelons of society. These attitudes lay in those who so many I come across on a daily basis ( Covid permitting ). By shining a light it is possible to highlight it and challenge it where possible; but what I have found is the bias is so in grained and prevalent all I can do is be aware of my own experiences and reality.