Covid -19.

I have been in lockdown for 4 weeks now. I am fortunate that I have a garden which I can retreat to, however there have been days that have been tough. The proposed solo show with Nelly Duff London has been rescheduled and will be going online in due course. The show was to be my 1st since starting with them in Jan 2019. The dates were April 2nd – 8th.

Interview – Beast Magazine

I have an interview coming out in April for Beast Magazine, they interviewed me prior to show, however due to Covid the hardcopy magazine will not be printed. The forthcoming interview will now be online. Check online for the April/May issue.

Interview landing Friday 24th April.


I am frequently being asked ‘have I been going to my studio’? The simple answers to that is ‘yes’. However studio time has been hit and miss as my headspace has been diverted on other issues. I am working a new drawings and am scaling up, doin works on paper A0 size. As for painting there are a lot of ideas being developed in my Moleskin sketch books in preparation for when I hit the studio with a vengeance.

A positive aspect to this Covid depression is that it forces one to reflect and revisit everything. In all its doom and gloom there are green shoots of positives.