Albino, Nubian King

Inspired by the Nuba wrestling tournament associated with planting and harvest festivals. The purpose of the wrestling at these festivals is to build group identity and display the prowess of the group’s young men. (At Nuba wrestling matches, youths represent their villages rather than themselves.)

The goal of Nuba wrestling is to slam the opponent to the ground. Wrestling is relatively recreational, and serious injuries are rare.

Nuba wrestling has no pinning and no submissions. Although there are strikes, these are essentially part of the grappling; in other words, this is not a boxing system, as is, for example, Hausa dambe. Therefore, Nuba wrestling is best viewed as a system of standing grappling, historically practised naked, but in towns, today practised in T-shirts and shorts.

MediumOil pastel with brown tape on ledger sheet, 1935Size29cm x 42cmYear2018