I have recently returned from a trip to the Ukraine where I visited 2 world heritage sites and over 20 churches. I saw a lot of frescoes dating over 700+ years and these were very inspiring.It was my 1st time in Eastern Europe and I found a lot of inspiration in what I saw and experienced.See my Instagram for videos.It was my 1st time on Ryan Air which was an experience in itself.

I am in the studio working away, painting and mainly painting on wood panels. Wood is a greta surface as it is very durable and the oil paint dries quick, which is a plus if I for if I have to show the work at some-point. Cadmium Red takes for ever and a day to dry, I tend not to used paint dry mediums. I do apply paint quite liberally in parts and very thick to add a nice thick texture; whilst this this is a great effect the cost is it takes a long time to dry. I am editing work for my show in May in Chelsea, 508 Gallery.I am also working on 2 other projects, more will be revealed in due course. I am continuing doing my drawings on ledger sheets. I recently sourced a beautiful 19th century ledger book from the city of London. It has some great content with beautiful calligraphy and information about dealing with New York and other USA states in that period. ( see example )

Nelly Duff
I have signed up with Nelly Duff who will be releasing a series of prints in due course. If you are not following me on Instagram to see updates, I will be updating my Blog regular also.

Thank you.