Man in Fez

I continually inspired the different regions of African and it’s people. The distinctive features of people from the diaspora inspire my work. The face is something I draw and observe religiously.

Man in Fez is inspire by a 1930’s photograph I saw of a man from Senegal who was sat relaxed in a chair. The profile of his face,eyes and the grace which he exuded was striking. This informed a series of studies. The final drawing was executed directly onto the paper, no draft just a mark making exercise of line, composition and observation. The framing was as important as the drawing itself. The subtle hint of blue compliments the bold black and rich red of the frame.

The paper has been purposely cut at an angle as this contrasts with the frame and allows the viewer to look at the details and symmetry. The drawing is embossed with (SAD) The hint of blue is the an example of the mark making that is synonymous with the frenetic energy of the drawings of SAD.

MediumCrayon on paper with acrylic. Box framed with museum glassSize65cm x 85cm x 10cmYear2018