No Wi-Fi and lockdown.

The lockdown is having devastating affects in so many ways. I have now been without Wi-Fi since the 18th April. I have been having intermittent service for 4.5 weeks, however it was the 18.4.2020 that things became worse. The service went completely down thus allowing me access to work online, access files, emails and work remotely. Typing and looking at a screen differs a lot from using your phone. To add fuel to the fire I have been working on an Arts Council funding application which is due in on the 30th April. I started this on the 17th. I cannot access my folders that are on my desktop of my I-Mac so I can use. This is infuriating me. I feel like I am stuck in mud and cannot move. Virgin Media who I have no qualms in calling out have been very poor in responding to enquires and fixing the problem. On the 20th April there was information in the news that of Virgin having major issues with it’s internet nationally. People were complaining of loss of service for 2- 4 hours. At the time of writing this I have been with WiFi and Tv for 12 days. I go into my office to be greeted with a blinking green light on the router box. I have followed instructions of rebooting, removing wires and all of the mantras suggested by Virgin. This has not helped.

I am beyond anger. I am numb with frustration, adapting to the harsh realities of losing work, and being forced into change has been a challenge. The breakdown of infrastructure so needed for my life to function is a tough pill tho swallow. It grates on your mental toughness and forces you to tap into your deep resources of resilience. The most obvious thing to do is to have a melt down, but where will that get me? The time of Covid-19 is tough. This is the 6th week since the world around us as we know it changed. By not having Wifi it is affecting my ability to work. To have access to the information, which is so fundamental in 21st century, you have the access and opportunity in part too feel as though you are not in a trap. I do remember a life pre internet and access to information; but a life with access to Wifi allows for possibilities, escapism as much as being able to function and work. I am so disappointed with the situation with Virgin Media by writing down my angst gives me some release in all this madness.