Stephen Anthony Davids.


A British visual graphic artist from East London. I split my time between London and Kent.

I have exhibited extensively in London, New York and Europe. My work is best known for its distinctive drawing graphic style and works that are made from found objects and wood. Reoccurring themes and thoughts pervade my story telling capturing humerous views of the world and observations of daily life, masculinity, race, class and social history. Whilst drawing is at the centre of my practice I work across an exclusive range of media including sculpture, painting and assemblage.

Portrait of a painter

a film by filmmaker Kyle Macfadzean 

SAD in studio

Drawing is at the centre of my practice and forms the basis of my creative process. I look, I see and then I follow the line and the path it takes me on.

SAD in front of Jesus was not a caucasian painting



f-art was established in 2004 and closed its doors in 2009. Within 12 months f-art established itself as a main player in small independent stores in Shoreditch. f-art become renowned for the quality artwork, mid-century pieces and low artifacts it sold. Richard Boxall & Stephen Davids established themselves as an innovative creative duo with an eye for quality. The combined nature of there individual passions and love for graphic design and lowbrow made f-art a unique shopping experience.f-art became synonymous for its window displays which were individual installations in there own right. Stephens eye for detail and composition created some beautiful window displays that were a pleasure to experience. Boxall’s eye for the vernacular and highbrow culture added to the juxtaposed mix of objects, bold graphic art styled by Davids unique self taught obsessive placement of objects. The press were quick to catch on and articles in The Independent, The Guardian and various style magazines quickly followed.

The press were quick to catch on and articles in The Independent, The Guardian and various style magazines quickly followed. f-art fitted neatly into the hub of creative independent stores that made Cheshire St E2, a unique destination street in Shoreditch in the mid part of the now infamous noughties. The name alone was a talking point for anyone who ventured into the store/gallery. f-art had it’s fair share of faces who became clients, visitors and fans. David Bailey, SirBob Geldof, the late Amy Winehouse, The House Doctor and various member of the fashion and design elite.f-art will be remembered for it’s innovation. authentic and unusual approach to showcasing Art, objects and books. Stephen Davids & Richard Boxall created something that at the time was bold, new and totally unique.

Christmas at f-art

Winky Dolls

Keith Haring – Baby Rocker & Dominoes

At f-art we mix vernacular art and found objects with new and surprising work by independent artists, illustrators and other creatives. All objects were curated to fit harmoniously with each other.

f-art interior

Keith Haring window display

Halloween Masks

f-art interior

f-art window

Ercol & Jiedle Lamp

SAD outside f-art