Blue(s) Piano

Exhibited as part of the group show Ascensions in June 2023. Artists in the show were Euan Roberts, Kai Gasei , Stephen Anthony Davids and Errol Theunissen
[Ascension] is the act of rising up, an upward trajectory. The under-representation or exclusion of people of colour in the art world or gallery setting is changing, subverting the historic dominance of the white male perspective in Western Art. This exhibition brings together four British African – Caribbean artists who through their work, explore black identity and the black experience within the context of living and practising in London. Ascension’ is not just an exhibition; it’s a journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. These self-taught artists embrace a language akin to early Graffiti, there is a common graphic sensibility
across the work fusing Contemporary art with Illustration and folk art. Each artist, through their unique lens, explores what ascension means to them, creating a tapestry of experiences and narratives that resonate with urban life in the UK. The artists, though UK-based, draw inspiration from their African and Caribbean roots, infusing their work with a profound sense of identity and heritage.
Stephen Anthony Davids is an artist whose work serves as a visual diary of his world. His art, which explores line and textures, is a reflection of his experiences and observations.
As co-curator, Stephen explains ‘Ascension’ is more than an exhibition; it’s a personal journey towards clarity and balance. He views life and art as a continual ascent, a process of growth and evolution that persists regardless of the crossroads one may encounter.

Euan Roberts, an artist of mixed Bajan and Scottish heritage, uses his art to analyse the human condition distilling feelings of humour, hope, suffering, joy, love and longing via his idiosyncratic cast of animal avatars and visual metaphors. His work is centred on what it means to be human, but humans remain absent from his art. Euan’s work also examines his journey as a person of colour navigating their way through the art world.

Kay Gasei, of Zambian heritage, is a London-based mixed media artist, illustrator, and designer. His work explores themes of culture and narratives, both mythical and historical. For Kay, ‘Ascension’ is an opportunity to explore his feelings and trajectory as he is two years into his career as a fine artist. He sees this new piece as an ideal occasion to share that interior space he usually keeps for himself.

Errol Theunissen, originally from Zimbabwe, is a self-taught painter and illustrator based in Middlesbrough. Art became a significant part of his life after he severely injured his spine and legs in a motor vehicle accident. Errol’s work is still tied to these roots whilst also taking on the urban feel of the city in which he lives and creates.

MediumOil on canvasSize59 1/10 ( 150cm x 202cm ) Private Collection LondonYear2023

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