From the series of portraits on original authentic ledger sheets dated dated from 1840. Sly is a portrait paying homage to the hustlers of streets of 1970s New York; taking inspiration from bands like Parliament and the movies like Blackploitation the figure celebrates the stylish Blackman from an era that was emerging out of social deprivation and turmoil.  Sly is character that came to represent hustle and a symbol of verile black male masculinity. These unique works on paper combine the mastery of Stephens line with sensitive mark making, brush and finger painting. Each work has been beautifully painted onto these unique antique sheets that were originally formed part of a Ledger Book from a bank in the City of London. Each sheet has been meticulously recorded a transaction relating to the business of bonds in American and it’s 52 states. Each ledger sheet records sensitive information to an agreement and written in an beautiful calligraphic hand that is a work of art within itself.

MediumMixed media on vintage ledger sheet (circa: 1880) Size29.7cm x 42cm

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